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teeny‑tiny™ website & email setup package

This is a specially priced package setup to get you on the web as fast as possible, as easily as possible and at the lowest cost possible. This package combines the registration for a new domain name for one year, a teeny‑tiny™ website setup for free website hosting and a teeny‑tiny™ email service setup for free email services.

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Your poor passwords risk everyone’s privacy

With social networking, and even with traditional email, your poor password can sacrifice everyone’s privacy. When your account is hacked, the hacker can see information meant for your eyes only. Because many social networking accounts will send a “password reminder” to your email address, your must choose secure passwords for both your email account and your social networking account.

Do your passwords:

  • Consist of one or two family names or pet names?
  • Start or end with “123”?
  • Have all lower (or all upper) case letters?

Hosting & maintenance package for WordPress Site


This package provides a discount on these combined services:

Prices reflect a 5% discount for 6-month prepayment and a 10% discount for 12-month prepayment.

Facebook personal profile vs. Facebook page

[ Facebook “f” icon ]

When one of your friends “friends” a business, that business might be seeing some of your personal information that you only wanted individuals who are true “Friends of friends” to see. It’s good policy for yourself and respectful to your friends’ privacy to not “friend” businesses. Ask your friends to return the respect for your own privacy by adopting this same policy.

Social media & preservation

[ Nation Preservation Conference ]

Earlier today, teeny-tiny websites had the pleasure of providing a last-minute panel speaker at the National Preservation Conference 2010 in Austin, Texas, presented by the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

What to do if your email is hacked

For some people, their first instinct is wrong: do not log out, because this might be the last time you have access to your account if the hackers changed your password. Here’s a short list of things to do as soon as you can:

Keep your mailbox, but get a permanent email address

You can continue to read and send email from your Yahoo!, Gmail, Hotmail, AOL or other mailbox when you get your new, permanent email address that comes with your teeny‑tiny™ website. That’s because all email sent to your new domain name will be automatically and immediately forwarded to your current mailbox.

Who owns your email address?

[ graphic of email mailbox providers ]

A friend of ours recently suffered a break-in of his Yahoo! email account and spammers started sending spam from it to everyone in his address book. Fortunately for him, we were able to help him recover the account without too much grief.

New one-year domain name registration, common TLDs


This is a one-year owner registration of a new domain name that ends with one of the following: .COM, .NET, .ME, .ORG, .US, .INFO, .BIZ or .NAME.

Skwz.Me™ URLs service (3-12 months)


Our Skwz.Me™ URLs service allows you to create short URLs that point to longer ones, like this:

http://skwz.me/buy-me https://www.teenytinywebsites.com/product/sku/SKWZ-URL-BASIC